Is your Drupal Updated to the Latest Standards?

The Drupal core has been subject to numerous minor and major updates over the years. In fact, the fast pace of updating often lands the developers in trouble as they fail to integrate the latest changes in their production pipeline.

The major updates often have been on the security sphere. It is advisable to apply the updates as soon as they are released. Normally, Drupal incorporates a number of bug fixes in their updates, which are functional in fixing some common recurring problems faced by the developers.

Having the latest version installed is thus quite necessary to counter known problems, which might be affecting the production pipeline. Getting access to advanced features rank high in the agenda of the developers and being in sync with the latest updates can facilitate that. When in the process to hire Drupal developers, make sure to pick the ones who are expert in the latest Drupal version.

Major & Minor Updates in Drupal

Before installing updates, a developer must be aware about the type of update that is undertaken. There is a nice trick to demarcate the major update from a minor one. In major updates, the number before the first decimal is the denomination mark.

This is necessarily considered an upgrade than a normal update. Minor releases are denoted by the number after the decimal and often comprise bug fixes of some sort. There is normally no new feature in minor releases, only security and bug fix updates are there. Firms offering Drupal customization services and Drupal module development in UK constantly keep their infrastructure and tools updated for ensuring optimum client satisfaction.


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